5 Outstanding Tips To Gain More Views On TikTok

In just five years, TikTok has ascended to become the sixth most popular social networking platform globally, surpassing Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter in terms of daily active users. With hundred million active users in the United States, it is a popular platform for those who want short, digestible, and amusing video content. TikTok targets Millennials and Generation Z as they are mostly seated on TikTok. 

TikTok’s quick rise in popularity with marketers can be attributed to the app’s high levels of interaction, which are encouraging. A new way for companies to express their creative side, reach a wide range of consumers, and create a loyal client base is provided by this technology. Some marketing industries don’t grasp TikTok and recognize that its algorithm is different from Instagram or Facebook. 

Here are five suggestions on what to do, as well as some eye-catching brand examples to get you started.

1. TikTok Is All About Engagement

Your TikTok follower count offers nothing to assist you in attracting a large audience to your work. The true magic happens during the engagement. TikTok’s algorithm pays people how effectively they engage with your video – whether they like it, comment on it, watch it until the finish, or watch it numerous times.

How to do it: To hold viewers’ attention on TikTok, pique their interest within the first few seconds of the video, and limit the overall length between 15 and 30 seconds. Do you want to travel for a more extended period? Increase the value of the content to keep users watching.

2. Stitch And Share The Videos

Stitch videos are made by people who combine clips from other videos to create a new video from scratch. They are comparable to the “duets” feature of split-screen videos available on TikTok. These capabilities have the potential to generate an infinite chain reaction of sharing, splicing, and interaction also, and extensive content visualisation.

You can clip up to five seconds of a TikTok video and combine it with other clips in a stitching tool. A fresh video that has been selected from your followers and other admirers is to garner a lot of attention and be shared.

3. Not All Dance And Songs Work

It’s no secret that TikTok viewers are drawn into a feed full of exciting, trendy, and engaging stuff. Its wheels are propelled by lip-syncing, dancing, and comedic acts. However, consumers are also interested in other areas such as culinary recipes, sports, travel, legal advice, and other related topics.

Chipotle’s YouTube channel, which has 1.6 million subscribers, features user-generated content, such as this video showing how to assemble the ideal bite from the company’s new quesadilla.

4. Rely On TikTok Trends

Popularity on TikTok may also be gained through joining trends, jokes, and challenges. People sent videos of themselves dancing in their pajamas, singing Britney Spears songs at supermarkets, or amusing themselves in their cars as part of Pepsi’s #ThatsWhatILike challenge in 2020.

How: The discovery feature and TikTok’s suggested hashtags, music, and profiles help users find what’s hot. This tab also features a search box for finding out what’s trending nearby.

5. Know Where You Want To Place Content

Finally, know where your account is. Your location impacts your content’s performance. TikTok initially shows videos in nearby streams.

ColourPop, a Los Angeles-based cosmetics business, needed to be seen both in person and on TikTok. Cleaning up local beaches with their eye-catching Malibu Barbie Jeep is now available on TikTok:

How to: Correctly connect your content with your target audience’s time and place. This is vital for small local businesses like stores and restaurants.

Summing Up

The TikTok algorithm, which was long shrouded in mystery, is becoming increasingly obvious. Adhering to the five pointers listed above can help your brand in creating content that attracts devoted followers who are more ready to convert to become a member of your owned audience and, finally, to become a client.

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