Add music to your Instagram story, post, video, or reel using this guide!

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The popularity of Instagram has been growing rapidly in recent months. Tik Tok’s popularity inspired Instagram to implement a similar function, and the idea caught on like wildfire. That’s exactly accurate. To add music to your Instagram story is a relatively new and widely used tool. Because of this, Instagram has become a popular medium among influencers since it gives users access to the network’s extensive music library.

The day when posting an image on Instagram was considered an endpoint in and of itself has passed. Now, the platform is so much more than it formerly was. Users are praising it for its innovative editing tools and the fact that it can import tracks from other streaming services like Spotify.

Where Do Instagram Stories Fit In For Companies And Bloggers?

You agree with us that Instagram is expanding at a rapid rate. No more is it only a place to see what our friends, family, and acquaintances are up to. Instead, Instagram is boosting the development of tiny firms and giving influencers a platform for publicising and profiting from their skills.

Certainly, Instagram’s story and reels feature may be used efficiently by both aspiring influencers and company owners to boost sales. If you already have a full plate, all you have to do is post content using a social media scheduling tool or scheduler. As soon as you begin using a programme to schedule your Instagram posts frequently, you’ll notice for yourself how the content and regular posting begins attracting customers to your brand.

Which strategy is best for setting apart a user’s Instagram profile?

The days of relying entirely on a company website to bring in new customers are, without a doubt, over. Nowadays, everyone and everything is using Instagram. Hence, small business owners have realised they may successfully direct followers to buy their items via DM or lead them to their official website if they own a retail or eCommerce firm.

We’ll make you stand out from the crowd by adding compelling and visually appealing calls to action (CTAs) to your Instagram posts and stories. One of the most cutting-edge functions of Instagram is the ability to include music into your stories and highlights. Let’s go on to learning the process of including the tune in an Instagram story.

Can You Upload Music to Your Instagram Story?

One of the most often asked inquiries on Google is, “How can I add music to my Instagram story?” Until your app has been changed, adding music will be the same regardless of whether you have an iPhone or an Android. The necessary procedures for including music are detailed below.

Go to your Instagram profile’s “me” page by clicking on it. Then, to share an experience, click the plus symbol next to your profile picture.

Click an image or select previously taken photos from your collection to create a visual narrative.

Choose a media file, then hit the sticker button.

Click the “MUSIC” label and proceed.
Begin looking for the music you’d want to use in your tale. When you’ve located it, click it.
Now you may pick any paragraph out of any song. It’s up to you to adjust the slider bar to play only the section you wish to hear. You should be aware that there is a time limit of only 15 seconds during which it will play.
The album art may be swapped out for the words with a simple tap on the thumbnail.
The album’s artwork or lyrics may then be seen by tapping “done.”
The album cover may be dragged to a new location, and its size adjusted by dragging the thumbnail up or down.
If you want to share this on Instagram, you may do so by selecting “your story” in the left-hand column. Choose “close friends” if you don’t want your whole following to see it.
If you were wondering how to add music to your Instagram story, we hope this article helped. Let’s proceed to the next step and learn a bit more.

Can Instagram Stories Be Extended to Include Longer Music Clips?

Making music last longer on Instagram stories is simple and requires no effort. Simply stick to the guidelines down below.

Open Instagram in your device’s app drawer.
Start a brand new Instagram tale right this second.
To access the sticker tool, tap the corresponding icon in the toolbar.
Choose any tune you like.
Put in a song if it’s a photo, and your gallery will instantly grow from 5 to 15 seconds.
To make your 60 films last longer, however, you must first submit and edit together several shorter ones.

Instagram Story: How to Embed a Spotify Playlist?

Let’s get to the next burning issue that’s keeping you up at night: using Spotify to add music to your Instagram story. If you follow the instructions below, you will get there.

Launch the Spotify app and select the track you wish to share. Now, there will be three dots in the top right corner of the display.
When you select the ellipsis (…), a menu will appear. To share, just click the link.
Just select “Instagram stories” from the drop-down menu of available sharing choices.
It will launch Instagram, load the song’s symbol, and add the link to a new story immediately.
At this point, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to revise your narrative. Before publishing, you have the option of including text or stickers.

After you’re satisfied with your post, click “Send to” at the screen’s bottom to share it.
Like before, you may choose to tell only a select few people or the whole world.