How To Make A Creative Instagram Feed

A compelling Instagram bio is essential since Instagram is a visual-based social networking platform. Having said that, Instagram users are more likely to choose brands that maintain an organized grid over those that throw incoherent images and make their feeds extremely chaotic. Along with creating content for your IG feed ideas you could buy Instagram likes monthly to drive more visibility and engagement. We’ll provide you with some amazing Instagram feed ideas to maximize those grids for your business based on the above-mentioned reason. 

Horizontal Instagram Feed 

Essentially, the idea behind this theme is to post three consecutive photographs that depict the same objects and vibe. Can you be more specific about what you intend to post in order to create this spectacular theme? It is recommended that you strive for simplicity and classicism. Besides, the horizontal Instagram feed is also an excellent tool for displaying your products from different angles.

 Vertical Instagram Feed

Having already discussed the horizontal feed, it would seem odd if we neglected the huge benefits of vertical Instagram feeds for your business. As a matter of fact, several brands use this grid design concept in the same way Dior does and make it their own. In the center, place the brand’s important quotes and place dancing colors on the two sides. The Instagram feed of the brand as a whole is nothing less than a masterpiece.


This type of theme is best described as “simple” and “elegant”. This theme may be the first choice if you are passionate about your products.

Chessboard Instagram Feed

This theme allows you to alternate between two different themes, so when they are displayed on your Instagram bio profile, it looks stylish. In order to make your feed look professional and sleek, you can easily switch between pictures of products and delicate white backgrounds

White border Instagram Feed

White borders between your Instagram pictures will create more space, which is the most popular design trend today. If you were to outline each picture with a white border, your feed would stand out from the rest.

Dark colors

Without darkness, stars would not be able to shine. So, for your Instagram feed, if your products look their best without sunlight, choose dark colors.

Core colors

For your Instagram feed to embrace a certain color scheme, your brand must define its core values in a divine way.

 Pastel colors

Pastels are usually associated with joy and delight. Let’s spread a sense of positivity throughout the air!

Bold colors

Instagram feeds such as this one follow a pastel theme similar to that described above. In this instance, we are using bold and vibrant colors to make the Instagram feed stand out. These bold and vibrant colors compliment one another very well.

Instagram users are attracted to your well-selected colors and carefully curated grid layout, but it is your content that determines whether they will become your followers or not. You should always keep in mind that your brand image is of paramount importance. In addition to creative grid layouts and vivid colors, it is important that your Instagram profile reflects your brand identity. Instagram is no longer a platform that is exclusively focused on photos. Therefore, those who know how to leverage videos on this platform are more likely to achieve great success.


As Instagram is all about awesome pictures and dynamic videos, the more creative you become, the greater your reach will be, which in turn will result in an increased conversion rate.

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