What Time Of Day Should You Post On Instagram In 2023? [Fast Facts]

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You undoubtedly have a certain objective in mind if you’re researching the optimal time to post on Instagram. Perhaps you’re interested in increasing your average amount of likes each post. One of your goals may be to increase the number of people who follow your brand.

The Science Behind When You Should Be Posting on Instagram

There are two origins for this information. The first is the HubSpot Instagram report for 2022. In all, 1,000,000 Instagram users had 110,000,000 posts analysed for this analysis. Several aspects of the study are tailored to the English-speaking world. Nearly 85 million North American postings were analysed.

When should you publish on Instagram and why?

Statista reports that mobile Instagram users throughout the world spend 11.2 hours per month using the app. That amounts to around 1% of their monthly time spent on the platform, or about 1 in 100 opportunities to reach them.

Therefore, it is important to publish when your most active readers are online. It will free up more of your time to spend with your most loyal fans.

Expanding Impact

Some Instagram users only pay attention to posts from people they already follow, such as friends, brands, and influencers. Instagram is a source of entertainment for some, but inspiration and exploration for many more. A machine learning engineer lays out some of the aspects that contribute to new users coming across your articles in this thread.

Recent marriage is one of those causes. This post from Instagram’s blog further emphasises the need of up-to-date material.

If you publish fresh material while your most active users are online, it will have a better chance of being seen. In addition to improving rankings, this can also increase engagement. The combination of these factors raises the visibility of your profile and content to potential new followers.

For more advice on expanding your Instagram following, see this piece.

In search of a devoted following

Building loyalty is an ongoing process. For smaller businesses, competing with larger brands on social media may be extremely challenging.

Instagram users can reach the most people by posting during popular periods of the day. It’s a great way to show them you care about them and maintain your name in front of their minds.

This aids in establishing realistic goals. Loyalty is built on more than just excellent goods and service. Maintaining a steady presence in their feeds will aid in the development of your relationship with them.

Take the case of a media company whose operations are based in the Pacific time zone but whose client base includes a sizeable portion of people located in the Australian Eastern time zone. If you publish everything between 9 and 5, that’s OK. For Australian consumers, the postings will go up between 3 and 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. It’s likely that Australian customers won’t come across many of your brand’s social media updates.

What if an Australian consumer complains online about your company? The impression that one post has on that audience might be lasting.

If you want to attract a dedicated following, you need to know when they’re most likely to be online so you can publish at the optimal moment.

Boosting Participation

HubSpot reports that the average global Instagram engagement rate is around 6% in 2022. That’s significantly higher than 2021’s typical engagement rate.

The effect of user interaction on Instagram may be compared to that of dropping a pebble into water. The first effect is self-evident: your post will appear in more feeds if it receives rapid attention in the form of likes, comments, and saves.

The subsequent waves originate from other Instagram functions like Favorites, Search, and videos. Each functionality is handled by its own algorithm. Each component assigns a unique value to participation. If you manage to become a follower’s favorite, your updates will always appear first in their feed. Posts with high engagement rates are prioritised higher in search results.

Streamlining How Often You Post

Scheduling your articles might go more smoothly if you know when your audience is most active online. The use of social scheduling tools is common among those responsible for social media and marketing. Social media posting may be made lot simpler with the help of these tools, but if you don’t do it at optimal times, you might not see much success.

Excellence in Content

It’s tempting to crank out material under pressure, in the hopes that your ideal audience may stumble upon it. Quality content helps your readers.