An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Marketing Plan

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An Instagram attractive feed is an obvious winner, according to logic. The refined and beautiful Instagram feeds attract more viewers, increasing your number of leads and followers.

Everyone appreciates excellent, vibrantly themed feed. This becomes an absolute need when you are engaged in some serious Instagram-worthy business!

According to SocialPilot, more than 25 million companies use Instagram to market their goods and services.

Why all the fuss?

Every single day, more than 200 million people read through at least one company account, and 74% of those individuals made a purchase after finding a product on Instagram.

Since everyone in the globe is addicted to this software, the marketing opportunities are limitless. You can leverage this, and by putting a few simple techniques into practise, your company will flourish unlike any other. More followers will always follow you if your feed is amazing.

These are must-tries if you want to become the next influential person in demand or have your company name on everyone’s lips. These are worth a try if you’re wondering how to make your Instagram feed more aesthetically pleasing or how to give your Instagram feed design a new look.

The obvious question right now is: How do I have an attractive Instagram feed?

Here is a list of 17 incredible strategies to help you create an Instagram feed that is beautiful and full of life.
Let’s get started right now.

Select a niche

Without a niche at the outset, many bloggers make one of the most fatal errors. It’s crucial to focus on a single market. As you go farther into it, you will eventually become known for that speciality.

Try making a list of the ones that catch your attention or have something to do with your company. Make notes of the content concepts for your ideal Instagram feed.

To avoid burning out in a week or less, focus on the ones where you can consistently provide material. You must stay focused on this area of expertise so that your followers return for more of your knowledge.

Target market

Your next circle in the actionable chart will have this topic—Target Audience—once you have settled on the niche. You would hope that your followers will eventually become clients.

Unless you have a certain target persona in mind, niche is still a dense jungle for lead hunting. Additionally, it will assist you in producing content that is currently in demand to raise engagement.

Understand your audience’s age, gender, and job duties so that you may respond to their questions using your knowledge.

Let’s say you manage a store where you sell hair items. Asking yourself, “Who will buy them?” would be beneficial. For teenage and mid-twenties ladies, personalised hair products could add more clarity.

Work to be relevant

Your viewers will become disinterested if you consistently share random photos that have no relation to your prior postings. They will then bounce off in complete disarray.

So make an effort to make the feed relevant.

Imagine that you own a bakery and that you would not be uploading a photo of a Ferrari among the delicious cakes and gooey chocolate muffins you have cooked.

That makes logical, no?

Launch a thread. Have a main idea so that your feed may build a plot around it. Check to check if everything makes sense and isn’t just a collection of unrelated postings.

You can also fill in the blanks by occasionally sneaking a peek at one of your potential rivals’ feeds. You may organise your feed properly if you know what kind of meal is effective for them and what isn’t.

Grid layout

Any visitor’s attention must be captured by your Instagram grid layout in order for it to be effective. Plan out the pattern of each grid square in your aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. The following categories of Instagram grid templates are available to you:


This Instagram feed design makes use of two complementing hues that are alternately employed. It illustrates how text and images may be used creatively.

Vertical and diagonal lines

To feed a post of the same type vertically in one line, save the middle tiles. The tiles on the right and left are similar. It provides your feed a tidy, modern appearance. The tiles that fall in a diagonal direction can also be set aside for a diagonal theme.

Using a story

Utilise Instagram stories to pique interest. Use fresh alerts and announcements to keep your followers interested in your profile. Encourage them to follow you so they won’t miss anything and can keep current.

According to SocialPilot, the average weekly story count for top businesses is 2.5 stories.

Every time you post, be sure to generate interest with a story feature before or after publishing it. This will encourage a lot more people to interact with you. You may actively engage with your fans on Instagram by using polls and surveys. Additionally, it will assist you in developing fresh content concepts.

Consistency essential

The Instagram algorithm loves consistency, and so does your audience, whether it comes to the timing of your posts or the filters you choose. Take action and benefit from consistency.

Block every Monday if you plan to post a quote on Monday.

You must be consistent with the tone you employ to address your readers in your writings. In your post content, try writing in the second person. Maintain the concept throughout. Avoid abruptly changing themes so as not to upset your devoted following.

Finally, consider publishing more often because the more visibility you acquire, the higher your engagement and clickthrough rates will be, and the more likely it is that your business will expand.