Use These 2022 Instagram Marketing Trends To Your Advantage

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Looking to boost your advertising performance? Have you taken benefit of Instagram’s recent updates?

Instagram’s Paid Marketing Alliances

Instagram’s built-in paid collaboration tool makes it simple for producers to tag sponsored content, making it a popular medium for influencer marketing. The connection between @mrsoaroundtheworld and the highlighted company, @visitcalifornia, is disclosed in this tweet by including a Paid partnership tag.

Brands will likely consider investing more in influencer marketing as channels like Facebook ads face privacy and tracking problems. After all, influencer marketing can foster connections that add to the brand’s long-term development with zero additional monitoring.


Instagram teased a new set of creator-centric tools in October 2021, demonstrating the platform’s ongoing commitment to celebrity marketing. As an example of its ongoing commitment to influencer marketing, it is presently trying a dedicated DM folder for collaborations.

Instagram is also experimenting with a favoured brands tool that will let content creators select which businesses they would most like to work with. Approved creators can then be given more weight by businesses during Instagram searches for prospective partners, streamlining influencer marketing operations. In 2022, this function is likely to greatly facilitate collaboration.

As a natural extension of paid content, companies can now use specific pieces of artists’ work in their own marketing campaigns. That means you can leverage creator-tagged material from people who have already decided to work with your company. This tool can serve as a springboard for more genuine material in your 2022 advertising efforts.

Collaboration Tool on Instagram

What if you want to collaborate with a company or celebrity to produce original content, rather than simply showcasing their existing pieces? Co-branded tweets have the potential to significantly increase company recognition. However, Instagram has only lately made it simple to collaborate with influencers and other businesses beyond simply tagging another account in a post.

Affiliate Scheme For Instagram

Instagram artists currently have fewer opportunities to monetize their work than their counterparts on YouTube and TikTok. In contrast, as of October 2021, Instagram has started testing a native affiliate programme that enables influencers to construct an Instagram store featuring their favoured goods. The owners of the affiliate stores would get a cut of the sales.

Consumer-Generated Content for Instagram Ads

Influencer material shared on your stream can make it seem more authentic. However, collaborations with influential people aren’t the only options your business should explore. User-created material (UGC) is something else you can search for.

User-generated content (UGC) is becoming an increase your brand Instagram strategy because many customers consider UGC more influential than celebrity content and it impacts purchasing choices.

Live-streamed shopping on Instagram

Instagram’s new and upcoming options in the realm of eCommerce tools include a great deal more than just affiliate stores. You can create a virtual shop for your business within the Instagram app using the Shop function. Then, you can do what @potterybarn did and name goods and collections in your feed updates or add purchasing stickers to your stories.

Videos on Instagram Are Everywhere

That doesn’t always mean we’re moving away from long-form articles. The reverse may even be suggested. You no longer have to worry about the platform’s time restrictions, which used to be 60 seconds for feed videos and 15 minutes for IGTV (when shared from a mobile device).

Instagram’s Upcoming Marketing Functions

Here are some additional Instagram advertising tools to keep an eye out for in the coming year.

The Fall of Instagram

Your very own Instagram feature was officially unveiled in May of 2021. With Instagram Drops, businesses can promote and build product releases.

Drops can spark curiosity amongst your existing clientele, but they can also help spread the word and bring in new clients. Like in-person sales events, drops have their own section in Instagram’s Shopping platform to maximise exposure.

Share Instagram Stickers and Insert Your Own

Instagram has never stood out for its ability to connect to third-party sites, but that could soon change. Until recently, only confirmed profiles or those with over 10,000 friends could have swipe-up links in their Stories. If your account was tiny or unverified, you were only able to direct people to your profile link.

By the beginning of November 2021, all profiles had the option of adding a clickable link badge to their Stories. For your account, what does this mean? A new blog entry, a lead magnet, or an eCommerce shop or merchandise can be linked to regardless of the scale or verification state of your account.


Instagram already has or is testing the features your business requires to thrive in 2022, whether you plan to concentrate on video, influencer marketing, or eCommerce. Make use of this year’s Instagram marketing trends as a roadmap for the next, and stay on top of the platform’s updates to learn about and implement newest features.