15 Creative Instagram Business Reels To Steal

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Instagram Reels was first criticised for being a copy of the popular app TikTok. However, the powerful instrument has established itself as a formidable brand since its launch.

This is due to the fact that unlike Instagram Stories, Reels may be seen again. Your Reels will be stored in your account for as long as you like.

Reels could prove to be an important tool if you’re looking to increase engagement or exposure.

Having trouble thinking of content for your company’s Instagram Reels? If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out our list of Instagram Reels ideas, or just go to the bottom for some hooks to get the ball rolling. It won’t be long before you’re making vertical videos and winning over investors.

Boost your Instagram engagement with these 15 Reel ideas

Feature Your Work

The most fundamental principle of Reels is also one of its most powerful: displaying your work.

Lucy and Yak, a British apparel company, does this quite effectively with their continuing #InMyYaks campaign. This hashtag serves as a hook for “Instagram Reels” showcasing new products. Also using the hashtag to display their fashion sense are Lucy and Yak devotees.

Exhibit your abilities

Promo reels that highlight the teamwork and creativity required to make your product or service are always a good move.

Encourage involvement

The better reception your Reels have, the more interaction they will receive. However, you may actively encourage feedback rather than idly watching for responses. Make Reels that get people talking instead.

Letterfolk, a firm that specialises in typographic homewares, has nailed it with its St. Patrick’s Day Reel. Their product is displayed in a stunning animation. It encourages people to participate in the Reel by tagging a lucky friend or relative.

Uncover the inner workings

Sure, let us see some of the magic that goes on behind the scenes. Take a few extra minutes to put up some impromptu B-roll shots while you’re at it.

Communicate your beliefs

Here’s a fantastic case of how that’s worked for Kay Carter Homeware. The Reel gives an inside look at the company’s eco-friendly production methods. Potential clients and independent company entrepreneurs will find this information motivating.

Film vs. life

If you’re going to peek behind the scenes, you might as well go all the way. Be open and honest about the challenges you face as a company owner. Humanising your business with fresh content is a certain way to win over consumers.

Admit the truth

There will always be an audience for a brand that isn’t scared to express itself honestly. This works well in the Reels format.

Brand consultant Namrata Vaid utilises a viral audio clip to give her raw thoughts in this piece.

Personal Reels allow you to dispel falsehoods, exchange hot takes, and express yourself via the use of audio, text, and facial expressions. Although it may seem narrow, postings like this often do well.

Your sincerity will be greatly valued by your customers and consumers. It’s possible that more of your professional community may interact with you as a result.

Applying Filters

Certainly, if you want to get your point through, you may just be yourself. However, you may not believe it meshes well with your brand’s identity. If that’s the case, you should check out Instagram’s AR filter options.

Start the countdown

Not only do you get three delicious dishes from Greg of Greg’s Vegan Gourmet, but there’s more! He uses humour and natural invitations to get people to visit his page. All that information, and he just spoke for a minute!

Exhibit the Before and After

Reels might be a great option for your company if your job requires any kind of change.

Here, the experts at Organised Dwelling turn a disorganised office into a streamlined and efficient space. After a few quick tweaks, it can serve as a relaxing and practical storage unit.

Sing a song

Instagram Reels are no exception to the internet’s eternal fascination with dance videos (remember the OG dancing baby?!). Make sure you’re moving to the beat of the latest music instead than anything from last year.

Experiment with your look.

Instagram is a perfect place to show off your latest outfit. (The #ootd hashtag will most certainly outlive all of us, too.) Why not try to steal some of that enchantment for your own brand if it makes sense?

Make a guide

Sharing your knowledge via social media is a fantastic concept in any field.

Have some fun with it

Online, you can only get so far by playing cool. To relax and have some harmless fun is quite acceptable on sometimes.

In this Reel, Boldfaced Goods accomplishes exactly that. They make fun of a careless spouse who forgets to bring their reusable dish towels from the shop.

Reasons to Reuse Old Content

You may repurpose promotional videos for other platforms (whether they were successful or not) and use them as Instagram Reels. You can give your old YouTube films new life using Reels.