Everything You Need To Know: Instagram

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Instagram has a special set of functions and features all its own. Gemma Went offers six suggestions for making the most of this rapidly expanding social media platform.

Instagram is a fantastic tool for making entertaining, visual connections with others. There is a lot of potential for small businesses because the engagement rates are high when compared to other social channels.

Don’t let the notion that this is primarily a platform for photographers, designers, and artists deter you; with a little bit of know-how, you can also succeed.

Use your one link wisely

There is just one link that may be added to your bio on Instagram, unlike other platforms, and you cannot add clickable links to your posts. You’ll notice that some people end their captions with the phrase “link in bio” for this reason.

You must now use it wisely because you only have one connection to work with. Making a special landing page for your Instagram followers would be advised in order to add them to your email list.

However, this connection need not always be constant. Include that link if you produce high-impact free content. Link to the sales or sign-up page for the related product if you’re in the midst of a major product launch.

Share a narrative

Sharing collections of dynamic content with your followers via Instagram Stories is amazing. From your smartphone, you can compile photographs and brief video clips and share them with your audience. But keep in mind that these Stories are transient and will disappear within 24 hours.

Stories, as opposed to your carefully selected feed, are the area for more unfiltered and instant material. They provide a fantastic opportunity to show off your company in action. Because Instagram features stories under the Explore tab, they can also assist you in expanding your following.

Swipe right after opening the app to access the Stories camera and begin producing your own Instagram Stories. Create the content you want to add in your Story using that camera, and then hit the plus button in the bottom left.

Make plans

There was no method to schedule Instagram material for a very long time. You truly had to be present to maintain a continuous Instagram presence. Your Instagram content can now be scheduled using applications like Buffer. You can now prepare your posts in advance and then get a prompt to hit publish at the time you specify, however it still doesn’t post for you immediately.

Use hashtags to organise yourself

For each Instagram post, a maximum of 30 hashtags are allowed. You already know how much this can help you reach a wider audience, so I won’t say it again. But don’t worry if it sounds like a lot of extra work; it doesn’t have to be.

My secret is to research hashtags in advance and make a list of them in my phone’s Notes app. I can then just copy and paste them when I publish something on Instagram. Instead of pasting hashtags into the body of the post, I advise doing it in the comments. This way, they won’t appear as a large, unattractive block and will instead be trimmed, increasing your reach.

How can I find the most relevant hashtags? Consider the main subjects you post about, then gather a unique collection of hashtags for each of them. Then, convert the keywords you choose for each of those themes into hashtags. I would then enter those hashtags in the Instagram search box; you’ll get related recommendations in the drop-down menu below. Another choice is to research the well-liked hashtags that your rivals are using, or you can utilise a free search engine like Hashtagify or All Hashtag.

Give it a name

Even while you might not be able to personalise your Instagram feed the same way you can your website, you can still stay true to your brand.

There are various ways to do this, depending on your niche and the kind of material you share:

You could choose a straightforward colour scheme and make an effort to publish content that adheres to those hues; you could restrict the fonts you use to those that are used in your marketing and on your website; you could stay with one or two signature filters; and you could share photographs that primarily feature the same physical products.
Additionally, I’d advise developing your brand by occasionally posting a selfie or providing behind-the-scenes images of your company. Content of this kind typically converts very well.

Consider user-generated content

Instagram is a legitimate social media site. This indicates that there are several opportunities to interact with others. Sharing their content is one effective approach to achieve this, especially if it has a connection to your brand.

If one of your followers posts a picture of themselves using one of your items, for instance, feel free to share it as long as you give them credit.

Unlike other social sites, the native app does not allow you to share material created by others; instead, you must use an external tool. Once more, Buffer has the solution, and it’s very straightforward.

Open the Instagram app after ensuring sure Buffer is loaded on your smartphone. Then select Copy Share URL after tapping the dots above the image you want to repost. You’ll see a small pop-up asking if you want to use Buffer to repost. After selecting Let’s get started, adhere to the on-screen instructions. The creator’s handle and original caption are automatically included by Buffer along with the image. Then, you can alter this as you see fit.