Scheduled Instagram Posts Now Allow For Geotagging And User Tagging

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We’re ecstatic to let you know that you can now include location and user tags in Instagram photos that you schedule on Vista Social! This is fantastic news for companies and agencies who want to boost the reach and success of their Instagram posts.

Instagram’s location-tagging feature helps companies reach a wider audience and attract new customers regardless of the store’s actual location or the number of people who happen to walk by.

Using this function, you can organise and schedule your Instagram posts in Vista Social before they are published on Instagram, saving you time and effort. What happens is this:

The importance of Instagram’s location-tagging feature to businesses.

Users’ location searches on Instagram often perform similarly to Google Shopping. When exploring a new city, you may locate local attractions by using Instagram’s location search feature. People also do this before visiting a new restaurant so they can view actual images of the food, decor, and service.

People interested in travel and cuisine aren’t the only ones who can use this function. Adding geotags to material is useful for every company. Once a post is published, the location appears at the top, directly behind the brand’s user name.

Instagram’s three best location-tagging features

One, they help more people see your posts.

Since half of all Instagram users already follow at least one business, there is a massive opportunity for brands to expand their customer base by joining the social network.

Thousands of Instagram users are constantly browsing geotagged material and engaging with it. Instagram posts with geotagged locations receive more likes, comments, and shares, and are seen to a wider audience.

Instagram location tagging serves a purpose comparable to that of hashtags. Including a location in your Instagram post increases the visibility of your profile and makes it simpler for potential customers to locate you. More people will be able to find your content since it will be included in more search results.

Using geotags is a great way to boost interaction.

Posts that include a location tag receive 79% more comments than those that don’t. Can you name the city that has more geotags than any other?

People from all around the world are adding geotags to their material, but the city of Los Angeles, California, consistently ranks first. The most attention was paid to Coachella, California, out of all the places where this happened.

One tactic that companies might do is to include a viral post that has received a lot of attention somewhere that is relevant to their target audience. Try a fast Google search to find out what’s popular, for instance. Do the Oscars happen to be tonight? The Tutors? Grammy Awards? Coachella?

Create a meme using an influencer or celebrity who attended the event and post it on Instagram if it will appeal to your audience. Even if you can’t attend the festival in person, you can still reach more of your ideal customers by tagging relevant locations like Coachella in your content.

Thirdly, geotagging locations can increase social proof.

These days, before visiting a new restaurant, most people look up the menu online to get a sense of what they might like to eat. If you want to take it a step further, you can check out genuine images from customers who have eaten at the restaurant on review sites like Yelp or OpenTable.

The term “consideration stage” is commonly used to describe this phase of the buyer’s journey. Potential buyers are doing their homework at this point, learning about and weighing all of their possibilities.

Instagram location tags give potential customers more information to consider. Smart consumers will use Instagram’s location search to check what others have seen and done in your area. Your company may gain more user-generated content and social proof if consumers can tag a physical site.

Using the opinions of others to help make a purchase choice is an example of social proof or social influence. A decent rule of thumb is that if a restaurant is busy, it must be good. The same holds true for Instagram accounts that promote local companies.

Prospects are more likely to give your product or service a shot if your storefront is plastered with images from satisfied customers.

Vista Social’s Guide to Scheduling Instagram Posts with Location Tags

As was already said, tagging locations on Instagram may help you gain more followers, boost interaction, and build credibility for your brand.

Scheduled Instagram Posts: Tagging Users

Tagging the original creator in an Instagram post is mandatory if you’re going to use their work. If you want more likes, comments, and shares on your Instagram photos from the right people, you need to tag them.