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The software is consuming the planet, as Marc Andreessen put it in 2011. Nobody recognised his prescience till much later. In the intervening seven years, SaaS firms have captured a large market share and are expanding at a dizzying rate. SaaS firms may credit their success in large part to their social media campaigns.


Marketing nerds and pros may use this app to make stunning images for their social media channels. The product’s principal purpose is to simplify complex processes. Crello provides a library of premade picture themes that may be used for any social network profile. Animating GIFs and creating Instagram Stories are both possible with this web-based graphic editor.

Stickers, animated objects, symbols, and premade designs are all freely accessible to users, letting them unleash their creativity. Crello eliminates the need for skilled graphic and motion designers in the production of stunning media. By starting with a high-quality resource, the organisation can then employ a content marketing approach to attract additional customers.

Crello’s blog perfectly exemplifies how a business may successfully prioritise its consumers’ needs. It’s an effective strategy for delivering value to customers and raising brand recognition.


Inexpensive stock images, graphics, and videos may be found in plenty at the popular stock picture repository Depositphotos. The firm has swiftly become one of the most reputable stock picture companies in the world because to its dedication to providing excellent customer service.

And finally, Trello

The startup provides a free collaboration platform with tools like task boards and dashboard views to make it easier to keep tabs on projects and tasks. The fact that they don’t have a marketing plan makes them stand out.

That is the case, indeed. All of the company’s resources went towards developing a straightforward, customer-focused offering that both established companies and start-ups would find indispensable.

The outcome was widespread positive word of mouth about Trello, which was picked up by a wide variety of online publications.

Active user discussion centres on the service’s intuitive design and low price compared to alternatives. There are two paid membership tiers available for organisations and individuals, despite the fact that the service itself is free.

A communicator

This firm creates an efficient business-to-business communication system. It provides a suite of interconnected options for every group, be it sales, marketing, or customer service. Since everybody utilises Intercom, I don’t think it’s necessary to give into further depth.

The firm takes a novel approach to content promotion. They learn how to connect with their target demographic in meaningful ways. Because of this, Intercom’s blog is a goldmine of useful information covering a wide range of subjects, including but not limited to marketing, product management, entrepreneurship, and design.


Buffer is a helpful advertising instrument that offers prefab answers for preemptively updating social media accounts. Content marketing is one of the company’s primary strategies for bringing in fresh eyes and turning those eyes into potential customers. Buffer, on the other hand, doesn’t try to create viral content but rather delivers what its users care about most: value.


Many social media marketers will like this platform’s extensive range of tools. Subscriptions are offered for services including content management, scheduling, reporting, and return on investment analysis.

The company’s strategy for expanding its online visibility is grounded in reality. In particular, it establishes a virtual university to train professionals in the discipline of social media marketing. Hootsuite Academy is an extensive library of resources for social media management. In combination, they may greatly increase the likelihood of your material becoming viral.


Don’t even think about passing up on this business. This service for storing and sharing files has gained international recognition. Despite the fact that the product sells itself, the corporation is expanding its reach by joining together with other organisations.

Vista Social

Post publishing, analytics, social listening, review management, a social inbox, and interaction tools are all available in Vista Social, a cutting-edge and reasonably priced social media management platform.

By being the first to market with a lot of features, Vista Social has quickly established itself as a formidable Loomly rival. They pioneered features like carousel post scheduling and TikTok direct posting for social media management platforms.

Business processes may be streamlined and high-quality photos for digital marketing can be sourced in a matter of minutes thanks to Vista Social’s connections with Canva, Pexels, and Unsplash.

Lessons Learned From SaaS’s Social Media Marketing

SaaS businesses that have already taken a bite out of a market recruit top talent, stand behind their offerings, and spend heavily in promising new areas. That’s why they’re charging headfirst in, using a well-thought-out SaaS marketing approach to boost sales and patron satisfaction.

The hardest part for most new businesses and budding entrepreneurs is getting started. For those who have never dealt with them before, inbound, referral, and influencer marketing might seem like a hot mess. Don’t worry though; if you model your business after the aforementioned SaaS giants, success will come quickly, and your customers will become your most vocal promoters. And don’t be reluctant to rely on aids to accomplish your goals.