How To Skyrocket Your Business Using Instagram?

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In the last several years, a well-developed social media strategy has become an integral part of every fruitful advertising campaign.

As people stayed indoors to avoid the epidemic, their time spent online increased, creating a window of opportunity. 

Companies who were quick to recognise the opportunity presented by the transition to a digital economy saw their profits rise. A key aspect of this development is the consolidation of social commerce on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 
There is a lot riding on social commerce.

The days of leaving the house to purchase necessities like shoes, a frying pan, and coffee have long since passed. Thanks to social commerce, online shopping may now be done without ever leaving the couch.

Instagram and Tiktok, two popular video-sharing apps, have expanded their retail offerings in recent years, providing users with a wide range of convenient ways to purchase. 

With Instagram Checkout, consumers can buy products straight from retailers without leaving the app. 

Instagram as a Platform for ‘Instant’ Shopping?

Data suggests that by 2021, Instagram will have over 1.2 billion monthly active users, making it the fifth most popular social media site. Its composition—the upbeat atmosphere and the heavy emphasis on visuals—makes for a pleasurable experience for its billions of users.

The key to success in boosting sales and increasing brand exposure on this widespread medium is to cultivate a dedicated community of fans.

Instagram is already quite user-friendly and simple to pick up. If you want to make money off of this, you need to provide regularly useful information, especially if you want to use it for advertising purposes. 

Tips for Making the Most of Instagram and TikTok

Using social media sites like Instagram and TikTok for commercial purposes is a sensible move in 2023, as you now know.

If you haven’t already, make some company profiles and start sharing content. 

To help you take your business to new heights, here are seven Instagram and TikTok marketing strategies:


Video content is a great way for companies to get their thoughts out and keep viewers actively engaged in the process. The popularity of this method of advertising on social media has skyrocketed in recent years. The process of selling the product and proving its worth is simplified. 

Short, intriguing videos are widely shared across social media platforms, with many becoming viral. Using this in the workplace increases exposure and participation with your organisation. The end consequence is more money coming in. 


If video is so popular, then what is? Actual footage!
It’s a great approach to engage with your audience in a genuine way by going live on Instagram or TikTok. This is a great way to get people to like your brand and feel more confident in it.

Because live stories are prioritised above ordinary stories, hosting a live video will also boost your discoverability and audience size

Personalized Ads

Ads on social media may be tailored to specific audiences by factors such as geography, gender, and industry. Instead of employing a blanket statement across all of your standard advertising channels, you may go quite targeted using social media.

There will be a lot of advertising directed at new mothers. Flight discounts will be displayed for those who are looking for vacation packages. 

Creators and Influencers in the Content Industry

Collaboration with influential individuals, such as bloggers or video makers, can:

  • Get your name out there to more people.
  • Establish confidence by endorsing the work of a credible individual.
  • Show that you’re a force to be reckoned with in your field.
  • However, like any team effort, you’ll do best if everyone involved knows where they stand. Think about the influencer’s following and how genuine their support of your brand would be before deciding to work with them on Instagram or TikTok. 

Brand recognition and revenue might both benefit from working with the right influencer or content provider.

Content created by users (UGC)

Content created by consumers and users is starting to get greater attention from marketers. UGC strengthens trust at a low cost and with the added bonus of being created by everyday people. Marketing manuals increasingly highlight user-generated content (UGC) as crucial to establishing credibility. 

Studies demonstrate that user-generated content (UGC) is five times more likely to promote purchases than brand-sponsored articles.

Hashtag Branded Challenge

Branded hashtag challenges occur when a business issues a hashtag to its followers and requests content using that hashtag.
Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a household name to profit from a branded hashtag challenge.

Elf Cosmetics’ #eyeslipsface challenge on TikTok received over 1 billion views in only three days. 

Video submissions set to the tune of “Eyes, Lips, Face” were solicited for the challenge’s fun competition. This campaign had massive success thanks to its ability to entertain and include regular people. 

How to Maximize Your Instagram and TikTok Followers?

These pointers will get you started, whether you’re looking to launch your brand on Instagram and TikTok or simply increase your following:

Know Your Target Market

As a consumer, what attracts you to a brand’s social media pages? It might be that you appreciate their material, are curious about their new offerings or deals, or are interested in what’s going on with the company.

Whatever it is, if you enjoy your time there, you’ll be more inclined to come back or keep following that account. 

Make Useful Content and Share It

In the midst of so much data, how can you expect your audience to pick your content? This must be:

Content, whether text, picture, or video, must be easily comprehensible. There’s no use in posting updates that your followers can’t read or comprehend. 
Interacting with – Developing strong connections with your audience] is crucial to your success. Making an emotional connection with them is essential. Creating content in the first person is an excellent starting point.